The Feldenkrais Method
with Ralph Strauch

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Email and Phone/Video Consultation

My private practice, classes, and workshops involve direct face-to-face contact. This is how I prefer to work. I have found, however, that I can also help people gain greater self-awareness and learn to move more easily and efficiently through email, phone or video consultation, utilizing SKYPE or Apple's Facetime.

The combination of email and phone or video consultation can be highly effective. It works as follows:

The objective of our work together should be to change the way you experience yourself. These experiential explorations thus lie at the core of our consultations. Discussion at the intellectual level is of value primarily to further and support experiential change.

My charge for consultation is $150 per hour, rounded to the quarter hour. This includes a recording. During the first session, you may terminate within 30 minutes without charge if you feel you are not benefiting from it. If we use SKYPE or Facetime the call is free, otherwise you will also be responsible for initiating the call.

For further information or to set up a consultation, please or call me at 310/454-8322.

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