The Feldenkrais Method
with Ralph Strauch

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Reawaken your sense of what incredible
creatures we human beings are

We humans are incredible creatures. We are born with tremendous potential to know and do all sorts of things, but we unconsciously discard much of that potential as we grow and go through life. This lose of potential contributes to many of the difficulties and limitations that we normally attribute to external sources -- health problems, emotional turmoil, and other difficulties in everyday functioning. But it need not be irreversible. You can reclaim much of the potential that you gave away and never knew you had, if you so choose.

Rediscover who you were meant to be

There are many ways of describing this loss of potential and pathways to its rediscovery. Different religions, philosophies, and other approaches to personal growth each have their own. The paradigm that I find most useful for exploring these questions revolves around ideas of composing experience and managing action. I want to understand the mechanisms through which we accomplish these things, and use that understanding to help people find ways to do them better -- which means in ways that support an easier, healthier, and more satisfying experience of life.

Reclaim the ease and fluidity that
are your natural birthright

I've practiced and taught The Feldenkrais Method® -- a powerful approach to to facilitating learning and growth developed by Israeli scientist Moshe Feldenkrais -- for the past quarter century. It has been a major influence on the ideas presented here. Additional influences are described in my biographical sketch.

The site also contains information about my private practice, email and phone consultation, workshops and classes. Some of my articles on topics related to self-awareness and the bodymind system are available as free downloads, as is a sample Awareness Through Movement lesson you can do sitting at your computer. You can find descriptions of my books The Reality Illusion and Low-Stress Computing, and of my Awareness Through Movement audiotapes and other recordings, and you can order my these materials online. xx