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Living in Gravity DVD

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Being Grounded.

In the first post in this series on Being Grounded, I defined being grounded as a state of relaxed skeletal balance where the forces generated by the weight of your body pass cleanly through your skeleton into the ground, and supporting forces from the ground are transmitted back up through your skeleton. I’ve recently released a DVD titled Living in Gravity exploring what that means experientially. Continue reading Living in Gravity DVD

The importance of pelvic flexibility

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Being Grounded.

The experience of being grounded comes from having a clear proprioceptive sense of the path of support from the ground beneath you through your feet. When your body weight is carried by a balanced, relaxed skeleton the supportive forces pass cleanly from one bone to next along the path, making that path of support relatively easy to sense. Tensions along that path, on the other hand, disrupt and “muddy” the transmission of force from one bone to the next, obscuring the path and making it more difficult to feel. 

Pres against wall
Press against wall

To get a sense of this, try the following exploration. Stand where you can just rest your closed fist against a wall with your arm extended. With your arm and shoulder relaxed, lean slightly forward, gradually transferring some of your weight into the wall. If you do this gently, you should be able to feel the skeletal path along which the force travels though your hand and arm back into your shoulder and ribcage. Then come back to standing and stiffen your arm and shoulder, and lean into the wall again with a stiff arm. This time the path through your skeleton will be less evident, obscured by the tensions in the arm and shoulder muscles. 

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