About “Composing Experience”

This blog will explore my understanding of the nature of human experience and the mechanisms we use to create and maintain the collective illusion we call reality. When it’s appropriate, I’ll group collections of posts into series that can be read as complete units, with links from the end of each to the next in the series logically. Each post in a series will contain a table of contents for the entire series.

The first of these series. Perception, explores the process through which we compose our experience from the flow of information that continually engulfs us. It begins here.

The paradigm presented here has evolved for me over the past 40 years. It began when I was a mathematician at the Rand Corporation, with an interest in how governments and government organizations constructed and acted on their perceptions of the world. My experience with the internal martial arts of T’ai Chi and Akido helped me see parallels with our individual perceptions of and interactions with the world around us, and my explorations of meditative practice, Chinese philosophy and such writers as Carlos Castaneda deepened my understanding of those parallels.

A personal practice I call refocusing, which grew out of my martial arts experience, provided the catalyst for a major shift in my worldview toward the paradigm presented here. I first wrote about that paradigm in The Reality Illusion, a quarter century ago. My study with Moshe Feldenkrais gave me new insights and tools to deepen that understanding, which has further evolved though my experience as a Feldenkrais teacher. I’m now semi-retired, and it’s time for me to better organize what I’ve learned and put more of it into written form.

The paradigm explored here is not the way the Feldenkrais Method is normally taught, but I believe it does provide a good theoretical explanation of how the Method works and accomplishes what it does.

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Perceiving and interacting with the world around you — a Feldenkrais perspective

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